Ecstatic Dance is a free-dance form, where we play together and feel free to move however we want, together or alone. You can choose to get into trance or let yourselft go with someone into the music.

We try to create a relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself; show your true self in the dance and where you can enjoy your own movements and each other.

Therefore we have some guidelines to help create this environment, like: – not speaking out loud, only with our bodies, to be able to enjoy the music without disturbance. – We dance barefoot to be able to get grounded and to connect ourselves with the earth. – We don’t use drugs or alcohol, to be in the here and now.

We dance on a great variety of music and rhitms, we can go from classical music, to hip-hop, worldly music, african percussion, to disco, melodic techno, electronic music. It can be anything, as long as it is nice to dance on and it feels good.

With the dancing we serve thee and water, as much as you need.

The nice thing of Ecstatic Dance is that it attracks a broad variety of people, from young to old, just dancing and enjoying creating new dance moves.

Location: Yurtlife Zaandam

Address: Noordervaldeurstraat 13
1508 EL Zaandam

Please Pay attantion! This is the address, Yurtlife’s main entrance is on another location. The entrance is exact on this address. (see picture on travel directions).


19:00 Doors open
19:30 Opening ceremony
20:00 Dj set begins
22:00 Closing ceremony

Price: € 15,- because of Corana we ask people to buy tickets online; because we can only host for around 30 people, to create space for everybody and keep good ventilation.


Travel directions

By train

Yurtlife is within walking distance of two Trainstations. One of them is Station Koog aan de Zaan, its about a 15 minutes walk. Go down from the platform and go left into the tunnel, then you walk straight ahead, over the bridge and then you see Yurtlife on your right hand. Walk to the right, into the street, around the corner you see the entrance.

From direction Station Zaandam Kogerveld:

By car

Parking is free.

Highway A8 from Amsterdam:

Highway A8 from Alkmaar, Krommenie: